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Freemax M Pro Series Tanks: The Difference You Know? Empty Freemax M Pro Series Tanks: The Difference You Know?

周五 3月 19, 2021 12:06 am
How do you like the Freemax M Pro Series Tanks? M Pro Series Tanks are Freemax M Pro 2 and M Pro Tank. Freemax M Pro Tank has three editions: Metal Edition, Carbon Fiber Edition, and Resin Edition, while M Pro 2 Tank has only two editions: Metal Edition and Resin Edition.

Freemax M Pro 2 Tank is equipped with military-grade SS904L mesh and Tea Fiber Cotton formula (95% Tea Fiber Cotton plus 5% Organic Cotton), which is originally compatible with Freemax 904L M1, M2, M3, and M4 Mesh Coil. But the only difference between the metal edition and the resin edition of M Pro 2 is the metal comes with Child Resistant Top Fill Design and CRC qualified, while the resin one has three steel balls into the top cap to increase friction.

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However, Freemax M Pro applies the Freemax patented cotton formula, which is 90% Flax Cotton Fiber and 10% Cotton Fiber, and this is the reason why the Freemax Multiple Mesh Coils have an average lifespan of about 2-3 weeks. There are single/double/triple/quad/ quintuple mesh coils compatible with M Pro Tank.

Note: Both utilize the top fill design, plus, the M Pro mesh coil and SS904L M Mesh Coils can be compatible with any tank of M Pro Series.

For more information about Freemax M Pro Series Tanks, please enter here>>
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